Music artist Kid Cudi had a rough performance at Rolling Loud Friday night. Cudi exited stage left after fans through several items including a water bottle at his head during his set. The artist became enraged yelling at the crowd and eventually ending his performance set early.

via: Uproxx

The original 2022 Rolling Loud Miami Festival lineup did not feature Kid Cudi in it. However, after Kanye West made a last-minute exit from the showcase, something he’s already done at another big festival this year, it was Cudi that they asked to replace Kanye. The ask is quite the timely one as Cudi has been active as of late. He just released his The Boy Who Flew To The Moon Vol. 1 greatest hits project and uploaded his beloved A Kid Named Cudi mixtape to streaming services. A Rolling Loud performance was supposed to top it all off, but his set on Friday night did not go as planned.

Throughout his performance, Cudi was hit with a number of objects by hecklers in the crowd — some of who were obvious Kanye West fans seemingly irritated that the rapper was replaced with someone he is at odds with. Finally, after dealing with enough thrown objects, Cudi issued a warning to the audience. “I will f*cking leave,” he said bluntly. “If I get hit with one more f*cking thing — if I see one more f*cking thing on this f*cking stage, I’m leaving!” Shortly after saying that, another fan threw an object onstage, and true to his word, Cudi made an early exit for the night.

Despite originally backing out of the festival, Kanye West made an appearance at Rolling Loud a short time later during Lil Durk’s set.

You can view the incident and watch Cudi’s reaction in the videos below.

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