Rapper Blueface was arrested in Las Vegas Tuesday after being accused of attempted murder. According to reports the rapper allegedly shot a male victim last month during an altercation.

Blueface’s mugshot for his attempted murder arrest has now been released. The rapper was apprehended in Las Vegas outside Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles.

In the hours following his arrest fans on social media went into a frenzy investigating, trying to identify the alleged victims name and information. The victims Twitter name was eventually discovered as fans recovered an old tweet from the man back in October claiming Blueface shot him.

Blueface’s fans began harassing his accuser via Twitter. Eventually the alleged victim deleted his Twitter page due to being cyber attacked and labeled a ‘snitch’.

Meanwhile, Blueface is set to be in court Wednesday for his arraignment with the judge regarding the charges placed against him. Blueface girlfriend Chrisean Rock was present at the time of his arrest. She later took to social media telling fans she plans to stick by Blueface. Going as far to state she will be in court Wednesday to support her boyfriend

Outside of that there’s further reports from sources claiming video footage of Blueface shooting the victim is currently being shopped to blogs for profit. If there is footage this would make it difficult for Blueface to convince a judge or jury of his innocence.

Watch video of Chrisean Rock discussing Blueface’s arrest below.




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