Less than a day after the shooting murder of Migos rap member Takeoff at a bowling alley in Houston; new video footage has leaked of the alleged gunman of his shooting.

Videotape recorded by an onlooker shows a verbal altercation ensuing between several individuals along side rapper Quavo. The video shows Quavo walking away after a brief heated verbal exchange with the alleged gunman standing left. The footage shows an unknown male holding onto a gun located in his pocket. Within seconds of Quavo walking off this gunman is seen pulling the weapon out then firing several shots. Chaos breaks out as people began to run causing the camera to become shaky. However, still shots shows the side angle of the alleged assailants face. He seemed to be wearing short dreadlocks a hat; dressed in all black or dark blue wearing a carrying bag with a red strap.

We have the screenshots below along with video footage obtained by TMZ. Authorities claim they seen the video and now is searching for this shooter as a person on interest in the death of Takeoff. The shooting occurred around 2:30 am November 1st outside the 810 Billiards and Bowling alley in Houston; located on the third floor. Takeoff died at the location as video footage of the rapper laying deceased with a gunshot wound to the head or neck was past along the web. Quavo was seen on video attempting to save his group member and nephews life screaming for help.

Video Footage
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