Ever since Kanye West controversial anti-Semitic statements in which he spewed hatred towards the Jewish community on multiple platforms; Ye has been losing brand partnerships left and right, including Balenciaga, Vogue, Def Jam also he was dropped from his talent agency CAA yesterday as well. Note to self Ye distribution deal with Def Jam actually ended last year reportedly. However, it was revealed this week. 

After much scrutiny Adidas’ has now announced they are officially ending their brand partnership with Ye and his Yeezy brand sneaker line as well.

This is following Adidas coming under fire by not only the public for seemingly supporting Ye throughout his multiple anti-Semitic statements, but also allegedly being founded by German Nazi’s supporters. In addition, one of Adidas Jewish employees wrote a statement denouncing Adidas for continuing their partnership with Ye. She expressed she would resign if Adidas company did not speak out against Ye and terminate his partnership.

This morning Adidas has officially released a statement confirming the company has terminated their brand partnership with Ye.

The German shoe company says, “Ye’s recent
comments and actions have been unacceptable,
hateful and dangerous, and they violate the
company’s values of diversity and inclusion,
mutual respect and fairness.

As result, Adidas says it “will terminate the
partnership with Ye, end production of Yeezy
branded products and stop all payments to Ye
and his companies.

Adidas made this announcement after fans on Twitter and worldwide started a boycott, something that would majorly financially cripple the company if it proceeded. The hashtag #boycottadidas was trending at the top of Twitter’s newsfeed.

Ye has been in the headlines all month due to his outlandish comments regarding George Floyd’s death on ‘Drink Champs’. His statements led to the family of George Floyd to file a $250 million defamation lawsuit which is currently pending. If he loses this lawsuit it could be pretty bad for the “billionaire” rapper, as he openly admitted on Piers Morgan he had only about $120 million in his actually bank account.


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