A Tik Tok influencer has taken to social media with shocking allegations against reality tv star Blac Chyna; claiming Chyna attempted to sex traffick her. The woman who goes by the name @realavalouise on Tik Tok states, allegedly she met with Blac Chyna back in August, 2022. Louise best friend reportedly was a friend of Blac Chyna as both followed each other on social media. After speaking with reality star online they FaceTimed and Blac Chyna invited Ava Louise over to her home to hang out only to be held against her will allegedly.

Ava Louise claims Blac Chyna required her to sign an NDA form before entering her home. She claims the NDA was “unlike any other NDA she ever had to sign in her life.” She stated the form asked her to give information regarding her physical features such as her hair and eye color. Louise then states after entering the home Chyna began exhibiting bizarre behavior towards her. She claims Chyna told her that all the rumors regarding her trafficking people allegedly were true.

Louise then accuses Chyna of using the bathroom in front of her in an attempt to hold her hostage and prevent her from escaping her mansion. Louise alleged Chyna and her friend ‘Donna’ attempted to negotiate prices to sell her. Stating Chyna asked if she was transgender, which Louise informed her she was not.

Louise claimed she escaped by running out of Chyna’s home and hopping over a fence. We’re not quite sure how true these allegations are, due to this being the same Tik Toker that made up a false story about Kanye West and Jeffrey Star years ago. Although, she does show proof with alleged screenshots of dms between she and Blac Chyna. Hopefully she wouldn’t lie about such a serious situation, sex trafficking is nothing to play about. Watch her full videos below!

Part 1
Part 2

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