Chance The Rapper is currently trending on Twitter, as the married rapper allegedly liked several explicit videos on the social media platform.

Fans are now cyber-bullying the rapper due to the nature of the videos, which features several Transgender sex stars. Many fans started shaming him for it, as his Twitter likes were noticed publicly on his page. Chance allegedly immediately deleted his video likes in the mist of fans cyber attacking him leading many to believe he was possibly hacked. Screenshots of his Twitter page video likes were reposted on the platform.

If this is true we’re not quite sure why he’s trending. Does Chance The Rapper not have the right privately or publicly to be himself allegedly? Outside of that share your thoughts regarding this topic. We do understand the nature of this topic is sensitive and touchy. In no way are we shaming Chance The Rapper if he is possibly interested in transgender people. These are some of the comments fans have said on Twitter below. Warning these fans comments maybe offensive to some readers.



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