Ye’ formerly known as Kanye West is not holding back in regards to his personal opinions on President Joe Biden’s leadership . Although, the rapper is currently in hot water with the family of George Floyd; as they’ve filed a $250 million lawsuit against him, due to his comments regarding Floyd’s death on ‘Drink Champs’. Ye’ seems to be unbothered, as he has continued his press tour of verbal insults. This time verbally attacking USA President Joe Biden for not meeting with Elon Musk.

During his interview with Piers Morgan Wednesday he expressed he believed President Biden’s alleged decision to not meet with Elon Musk was R***. This word we’ve decided not to fully spell out due to its offensiveness towards the ableist community.

In Ye’s interview he told Piers,

“The President of the United States does not have meetings with Elon Musk. That is f***ing .. Hey, here, come, come get me…. That’s f *ing ret***ed. I know I’m not supposed to say that Biden, but that’s F***ing ret***ed , Biden.”

We have the short clip below!

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