According court documents, rapper Da Baby is allegedly requesting the Los Angeles courts to postpone his pending battery lawsuit until his criminal case regarding the incident is settled.

Back in December 2020 Da Baby was accused of physically assaulting Gary Pagar. Pagar allowed Da Baby and his entourage to rent out his home in Runyon Canyon; under the condition he did not use the rental property to film any footage or music videos at the home. However, Da Baby and his team allegedly violated his rental agreement and began filming his music video at the rental property. Pagar reportedly confronted him and his entourage of 40 people.

During the incident Pagar claims he was attacked by an unknown individual from Da Baby’s team. This then escalated to Da Baby allegedly chasing Pagar inside the rental home, where he proceeded to punch him in the face knocking out Pagar’s teeth. He also claims the rapper and his team damaged the rental property costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Da Baby was charged with felony battery by the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office in April 2022 following the incident.

Radar Online states Da Baby lawyer is seeking a hold pending the resolution of the criminal complaint.

“DaBaby’s lawyer said if the case isn’t put on pause, his client will “thus not be able to respond to written discovery, answer deposition questions, or testify at trial in this case without potentially incriminating himself in the parallel criminal case.”

“If, however, [DaBaby] invokes his privilege against self-incrimination in this civil case )as he plans to do), he will be unable to adequately defend himself against [Pager’s’ claims.”

Source: Radar Online


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