The family of George Floyd is firing back at Kanye West following his outlandish statements regarding George Floyd’s brutal murder, during his interview on ‘Drink Champs’ podcast.

Kanye West claimed according to reports from his friend Candace Owens documentary, Floyd did not die from asphyxia due to an officer forcibly pushing his knee onto his neck as he cried for help. He claims George Floyd died due to fentanyl poisoning, shocking media outlets and fans watching his ‘Drink Champs’ interview.

Since the clip of his statement went viral West has received a significant amount of backlash from fans and celebs. George Floyd’s family reportedly seen the clip as well, and now the attorney representing Floyd’s family is threatening to filing a defamation lawsuit against the rapper for his ‘false statements’.

Attorney Lee Merritt took to Twitter with the following statement:

“While one cannot defame the dead the family of #George Floyd is considering suit for Kanye’s false
statements about the manner of his death. Claiming Floyd died from fentanyl not the brutality established criminally and civilly undermines & diminishes the Floyd family’s fight.”

The group of police officers responsible for the murder of George Floyd was convicted and sentenced last year. During their trial George Floyd autopsy revealed his death was allegedly caused by “cardiopulmonary arrest” complicated by “restraint, and neck compression” while he was being subdued by police.This information confirmed what was seen on video footage; showing former officer Derek Chauvin killing George Floyd by pushing his knee on his neck causing lack of oxygen. Floyd’s autopsy results were a vital part of the overall convictions of the officers involved in his murder.

We have the video clips of what Ye said below! Share your thoughts.


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