Rappers Nicki Minaj and Big Latto has gotten into a vicious Twitter argument following Nicki Minaj’s song “Super Freaky Girl” being kicked out of the Grammys rap categories and moved to their pop categories for nomination. This decision was made by the Recording Academy’s rap committee. Nicki Minaj originally submitted her song to the Grammy’s rap categories for nomination; according to the Recording Academy her song was moved to the pop categories due to its sampling of the pop-sounding classic “Super Freak” performed by Rick James in 1981.

Nicki Minaj was outraged by this news and went on an online rant expressing if her song “Super Freaky Girl” had to be nominated in the Grammy’s pop categories; Big Latto’s hit single “Big Energy”, which samples Mariah Carey’s 1995 classic “Fantasy” should also be categorized as pop as well. Big Latto’s “Big Energy” was selected for several AMA nominations in the rap categories, with Nicki presuming she would soon get several Grammy nominations in the rap category in the near future.

Nicki took to instagram live Thursday night criticizing the decision. “They stay moving the goalposts when it comes to me,”Nicki Minaj expressed distain towards the Grammy’s. Eventually this led to the rapper allegedly subtweeting Big Latto on Twitter. Nicki Minaj called Big Latto a “Karen”; while Latto said Nicki Minaj was older than her mother. After a series of words were exchanged, Latto dropped audio of her private phone conversation with Nicki Minaj to the web.

We have the full audio and tweets below. Share your thoughts. We also did some digging and uncovered the video interview Latto did, which may have sparked the beef between the two rappers.

Share your thoughts.

Part 1 Click to listen
Part 2 click to listen
The interview which sparked Latto and Nicki Minaj beef!!!
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