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The 17 year old son of Freddie Trone the man suspected in murdering rapper PNB Rock has been arrested. According to authorities the son and father duo collectively worked together to rob and murder the rapper; with the son allegedly shooting PNB Rock at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffle in Los Angeles as his father drove their get away car allegedly .

This news broke moments after LAPD placed a warrant out for Freddie Trone arrest. Although his son has been captured, Trone is reportedly still at large cops claims he armed and dangerous .

Via TMZ:

Law enforcement sources say
the 17-year-old son of Freddie Trone has been
arrested in connection to the shooting. We’re
told the son was the shooter, and Freddie drove
the getaway car.

Our sources also say the father and son duo
were already in the restaurant’s parking lot
when PB arrived, seemingly removing the
possibility that PB was targeted from a social
media post from his GF showing they were
eating at Roscoe’s. We’re told after the murder,
the suspects burned the getaway vehicle.
LAPD is naming a suspect in the murder of PnB

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