According to reports via TMZ rapper PNB Rock’s murder investigation is taking a shocking new turn; as investigators believe the rapper may have been killed in a direct hit. Originally fans speculated PNB Rock was randomly killed due to his girlfriend posting their location, at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in South Central LA moments before the shooting-robbery.

LAPD sources have reportedly told TMZ the investigation has now taken various different directions to uncover the true reasoning behind his murder. Some including the shooting possibly being a planned execution by a rival gang or enemy associated with PNB Rock. The rapper was well connected in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia his hometown.

Cops are currently still trying to track down key evidence including the get away car used at the murder. They are reviewing PNB Rock’s song lyrics to find any mention of specific enemies. Authorities has confirmed PNB Rock’s girlfriend is not a suspect in his death.

Detectives are digging deeper into his personal life to seek out any possible former associates of PNB’s, that may have had a motive to harm the rapper.

Source: TMZ


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