Rapper French Montana sat down for an interview with DJ Akademiks on his podcast. During his interview he revealed shocking information, regarding record labels now getting life insurance policies on music artists, and the labels cashing out after their murders or untimely deaths.

French Montana stated during the interview, “We was beefing for real. People was like dying and this and that. It was blocking a lot of money. People didn’t want to touch you,” said Montana,

He continues, “Somebody get shot, your rap friends stop picking up. The label stop picking up. It gets crazy. Now it’s even crazier ’cause they getting life insurance on artists. At least back then we didn’t have that,” added French.”

This revelation from Montana comes after an outstanding series of murders within the hip hop community including rappers Drakeo, Nipsey Hussle, Young Dolph, and more. According to rumors many bloggers have made accusations and speculation of record labels, allegedly setting rappers up to be killed to collect money from their life insurance policies. Although these claims have yet to be substantiated.

Watch the video clip below.

French Montana Says Record Labels Are Taking Out Life Insurance Policies On Artists Video

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