Transcript documents from R. Kelly’s sexual abuse trial reveals a mom of one of the victims of the singer allegedly coached her then 17 year old daughter on how to seduce R. Kelly.

According to the transcript from the victim’s testimony she claimed her mother sent her to R. Kelly’s concert at age 17 with the intent to seduce the singer. Along with encouraging her daughter to get pregnant by singer to secure herself financially.

The documents describes the night she attended Kelly’s concert and was allegedly coach by her mom via text message to flirt to gain his attention.

The transcript of her testimony reads:

“Jane traveled independently to meet Defendant in Stockton, California where he
was performing on May 1, 2015. (R. 818) She stayed in contact with her mother the
entire time. At one point, Jane explained to her mother how she ended up going lo
Stockton to see Defendant’s performance: “I told you, he asked me did I wanna come
to his show I said of course and he said okay then. let’s pack this stuff up. he was
even putting his stuff in my bag,
Jane and her mother remained in constant communication before Defendant’s
show. Jane’s mother instructed her about what to wear and made suggestions about how
she should behave at Defendant’s show: “I would blow him lil kisses and wink at him
and bite the tip of my finger mess with him real good. Do something seductive then make
a silly face. lol.” Jane and her mother continued to text throughout Defendant’s

At one point, Jane and her mother exchanged the following texts;
Jane; He singing this whole show to me
Mom: Lol to funny
Jane; Frrrrrr
Jane: Lma000
This man in love
Mom: Omg you gonna marry him and have his babies
Mom: Lol my son in law gonna be older than me
Mom: To dang funny
Jane: Lmaooo

It continues:

Mom: Well you better get signed first then married 2nd.
Mom: He gonna seduce you tonight
Jane: Lol
Mom: You have to give him a massage before he go to bed.
Lma0000000 no I doubt it.
Mom: Girl you better or he will get someone else to.
Jane’s mother continued to encourage her to seduce Defendant. At one point, Jane told
her mother that she “caught feelings” for the Defendant,
According to Jane, she and Defendant had sexual intercourse for the first time
after the concert. (R. 819) At no point during her travels with Defendant in California in
April and May 2015 did Jane disclose that she was 17 years of age or that she had lied to
him about her age. After the trip to California, Jane traveled to meet Defendant in Las
Vegas where he was performing. (R. 821)
No rational juror could conclude that Defendant “enticed, persuaded, induced, or
coerced” Jane to travel to California, Jane’s contemporaneous conversations with her
mother show that Defendant invited Jane to join him, and she excitedly accepted. When
her mother asked her when he asked her to travel, Jane told her mother “whenever I tell
him I can. Tomorow if/ choose.” (GX233) By her own admission, Jane chose to travel
with Defendant because she wanted to, and her mother encouraged her. While this court
concluded that Jane’s parents’ testimony was not relevant for the purpose defense counsel
sought to introduce it, Jane’s text messages with her mother introduced as government’s

Check out the full transcript documents below courtesy of No Jumper.

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