In a shocking turn of events rapper Gunna has been denied bail for the second time in his Atlanta court hearing Thursday. Rapper Gunna is currently in jail after being arrested for R.I.C.O charges for his involvement in the alleged street gang YSL.

Prosecutors claim YSL is an actual street gang ran by rappers Young Thug and Gunna; not a record label as presented to the public. The ‘gang’ is allegedly responsible for heavy drug distribution and violent gang activities including murder in the Atlanta area.

During his hearing Gunna lawyers argued he was not a risk and should be released on bail until his trial scheduled for January 2023. His lawyers also denied his clients involvement in YSL gang as a leader or active member. However, the judge denied bail for the rapper claiming he would be a risk to the public if released.

In more shocking developments according to news reports, a former jail employee of the facility Gunna is being held has confessed to allegedly smuggling drugs in to the jail for the rapper. The former employee now identified as female nurse was caught by authorities smuggling the drugs on May 14th 2022. The woman allegedly claims she was trying to get the package which reportedly contained cocaine and marijuana to Gunna in the jail. Although Gunna lawyers denies these claims. According to reports the young woman dropped the package of drugs in the facility and ran once she was confronted by a deputy. 

This is a lot we will keep you posted as this story continues to develop.

Source: WSBTV


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