Black Ink Crews CEO Ceaser Emanuel’s ex-girlfriend Suzette went to social media to deny Ceaser’s claims that she leaked the viral video of him abusing his pet dog. In the shocking video Ceaser is recorded kicking and hitting his pug dog with a metal chair while cursing at the pup.

Ceaser was subsequently fired from VH1 following the video hitting the web. He’s also allegedly being investigated by animal services in Fulton County due to the incident.

Although Ceaser later went to TMZ and admitted it was him in the video footage; he made several excuses for his actions claiming his dogs were attacking each other. Ceaser has now gone on a press tour repeatedly accusing his ex-girlfriend, Suzette of leaking the video footage to the media to hurt his reputation after their break up.

Suzette has now come out in her defense denying the allegations, along with accusing Ceaser of cheating and physical abuse.

Watch her full video below!

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