On May 17, 2022 President Joe Biden visited Buffalo, NY to address black citizens and victims of the terrorizing mass shooting at Tops supermarket. 10 people died after being shot by a self proclaimed white supremacist gunman. In total 13 victims were shot 11 being African American.

President Joe Biden Addresses Buffalo Mass Shooting

In his speech Joe Biden denounced white supremacy expressing there is no space for that behavior in America. He also expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased. According to reports Joe Biden met with the families of the victims privately before giving his speech at a community center in Buffalo.

Although, he did call the attacker a white supremacist and acknowledged the massacre as a racist terrorist attack; he did not speak on any new bills that maybe presented to Congress to outlaw terroristic hate crimes directed towards the African American community.

You can watch President Joe Biden full speech below!

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