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Rapper-actor Kaalan Walker was convicted in court on Monday after being found guilty of multiple counts of rape against women and teenagers. According to reports the rapper had a long history of sexual assaults and rapes dating back to 2013. The actor is now facing 100 years to life in prison following his conviction.

One of Walker’s alleged victims Sydney Stanford spoke out regarding his conviction on social media. She claimed the actor would pose as a photographer to set up young women and teens to be raped by him. Young women aspiring to become models and actresses were viciously sexually assaulted by Kaalan Walker allegedly.

Several victims testified against Walker during his trial, with horrific stories of being sexually victimized by the rapper. Kaalan Walker 27, was convicted on charges related to the rapes of four women and three teenage girls according to reports. He had dozens of accusations of rape and sexual assault from 10 alleged victims.

Singer Kehlani also took to social media celebrating Walkers conviction; while blasting media outlets that stood up for Walker while shaming his alleged victims on their platforms. Along with attacking her for supporting the alleged victims, including Sydney Stanford.

In an except from NBC Los Angeles regarding the opening statements of trial :

“In her opening statement in March, Deputy District Attorney Yasmin Fardghassemi told the Van Nuys jury the case involved women who didn’t know each other, and the “single thing that unites all of these woman is the defendant Kaalan Walker.”

She detailed allegations made by 10 of the teens and young women, along with “strikingly similar” allegations made by a teenager and two other women for whom no charges were filed.

“You’re going to see a dark side of him …,” the prosecutor told jurors, saying Walker primarily used Instagram and Twitter to lure his alleged victims to locations he chose by booking them for fake photo or music video shoots or with a false promise of introducing them to someone famous.

“When they said ‘Stop,’ he didn’t care,” Fardghassemi said. 

Walker’s attorney, Andrew Flier, countered that his client — whom he said had been “portrayed as a monster” — is innocent of the charges.

“They’re going to lie to you because they know that they fell for his B.S.,” the defense lawyer told jurors, saying the alleged victims were out for “revenge.”

“The pattern of Mr. Walker is to make false promises and they bought it. … Each one of these women voluntarily made their own decisions,” Flier said. “He didn’t force them. … It’s pay-back to Mr. Walker and we’re not going to let that happen.”

He said his client has endured “a living nightmare” and had a great career that has since been ruined.

Walker — who also appeared in the 2017 Halle Berry-Daniel Craig film “Kings” — was arrested in September 2018. He was subsequently released on bond, but he was taken into custody Monday when the jury’s verdict was read, and he is facing a possible life prison term. He is due back in court May 27.”

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