The suspected killer of music mogul Clarence Avant’s wife, Jacqueline Avant was sentenced to life in prison during his court hearing Tuesday after pleading guilty to her murder.

As previously reported suspect Aariel Maynor was arrested shortly after the home invasion murder of Mrs. Avant. Maynor was arrested the same day of her murder after shooting himself in the leg, while attempting an additional home invasion.

It didn’t take long for detectives to connect both home invasions to the suspect, subsequently leading to his arrest for the murder.

Maynor eventually accepted a plea deal in March admitting to the December home invasion murder of Jacqueline Avant.

According to reports from TMZ :

“Maynor copped to breaking into Jacqueline and her husband Clarence‘s Beverly Hills home in December — and then opened fire with an “assault long barrel pistol” when he came upon Jacqueline, who wasn’t with Clarence at the time. Maynor then fled the scene.”

Jacqueline was rushed to a nearby hospital where she later died.

Prosecutors pushed the judge for a lengthy sentence, with shocking claims the suspect called friends and joked on a jail phone bragging about killing Mrs. Avant. According to reports Maynor allegedly believed he would only receive 25 years in prison due to prosecutors not filing a ‘special circumstances’ murder charge. However, he was misled; the judge sentenced Maynor to life in prison.

Jacqueline Avant died at 81 years old. She was very involved as a community activist serving as the President of the Neighborhood of Watts, as well as serving on the Board of Directors of UCLA’s International Student Center

Source (tmz)

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