Music mogul Master P had a sit down interview with Hip Hop DX discussing the current state of hip hop regarding the continuous murders of rap artist.

He tells HipHopDX that young rappers are either going to be a “tragedy or testimony.”

P states, “As a young person, we always say, ‘Oh, he’s young, but she’s young. Let them go, do. They going to figure it out.’ Everybody don’t figure it out. You either going to be a tragedy or testimony. A lot of people don’t get to be a testimony. It normally don’t work like your situation, my situation, it don’t happen that often.”

There have been multiple murders in hip hop by hundreds in the past few years both mainstream and lesser known artists including Pop Smoke, King Von, Young Dolph, Nipsey Hussle and more.

Master P whose real name is Percy Miller believes young rappers don’t have the right leadership.

“Even the parents end up being friends. One thing I love about my parents and my grandparents, they never was my friends. When I went to them, I know that I got the real. I think that people as parents, if you got a young person that’s in Hip Hop, or just in general, in life, stop trying to cheat the game… Stop trying to just have fun with your kids,” he says.

“I just think that’s the only way we’re going to save this culture. Because like I said, everybody is not going to overcome all this adversity. Because I got friends that died, I know you probably had it, too. My daughter just had her friend, a 19-year-old girl that died. So drugs do kill. I think a lot of people party and don’t want to look. Look at all the artists we know that died, and then they got into beefs and all these different things. I think it is a lack of education.”

Master P wants younger artists to take the time to educate themselves as money starts flowing.

“If you don’t educate yourself, you are not going to be around and you’re going to die young because you don’t care about it,” he said. “A lot of these guys really want to die young. They doing it. Think about it. You know drugs kill you, why you keep doing it? A lot of people don’t want to be it because they realize they don’t want to get older; because they don’t have a plan for the future.”

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