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It’s been unveiled rapper Bow Wow is a father yet again to a baby boy according to DNA testing results.

via: AceShowbiz

A court document obtained by The Neighborhood Talk states, “It is the Judgment of this Court that the Child of the parties, STONE KAMIN (‘Child’) born in 2020 is hereby declared to be the legitimate son of Respondent, Shad Moss, capable of inheriting from Respondent in the same manner as if born in lawful wedlock.” It continues to rule, “The Child shall hereafter be known as STONE MOSS and the Department of Vital Statistics shall show the Chld’s birth certificate to include Respondent as father.”

Bow Wow first revealed that he is a father of two in September 2020. It was later revealed that the mother of the child is a model named Olivia Sky.

In January this year, Olivia complained about absent parents. “I swear I salute all the real fathers!” she wrote on her Instagram Story. “The ones who actually get their child and spend time with them. The ones who calls and check on them on a daily basis.”

“The ones who actually stand on what they say! The ones who call and volunteer to get them and the mother don’t have to ask! The ones who pick their child up to get their hair cut when it’s time. (the ones who have boys),” she continued in her shady post. “The ones who don’t talk bad about their sons mother when she frfr holding s**t down!!! The ones who knows what really going on with their child.”

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