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Just months after Rory and Mal abrupt exit from The Joe Budden Podcast; the guys has now struck a major deal with SiriusXM’s Stitcher following the successful launch of their podcast New Rory & Mal.

This new deal is a major money move for the former co-host of The Joe Budden Podcast, that subsequently left the show due to a financial squabble and miscommunication allegedly.

The guys discussed striking this business deal and the full trajectories for their podcast moving forward in a new interview with Vulture.

Via Vulture:

Today, the former co-hosts are making another announcement: They have signed with SiriusXM’s Stitcher, and the show will now be released through Stitcher’s new More Sauce label. The first episode under the new arrangement is scheduled to drop on November 2, with new installments every Tuesday and Friday.

Vulture caught up with the duo recently to talk about the deal, what they’re hoping to do with the show, and of course, Joe Budden.

I’ll admit to being a little confused over the specifics of everything that happened earlier this year, as it felt like a few different narratives smashing together. I don’t want to relitigate the whole thing, but I thought I heard that Budden had threatened to sue if the two of you started another podcast. I take it that’s not an issue?

Jamil “Mal” Clay: Yeah no, it’s not an issue for us. That’s something you would probably have to ask him, but it would be very funny — and a lot would be exposed — if he decided to do that.

Rory Farrell: That’s not a route he would want to go. I can assure you that.

Got it. Let’s start here: What’s the backstory behind this deal with Stitcher?

Rory: I mean, Stitcher made the most sense out of the whole group. Outside of them, we met with almost everybody, and we met a lot of people that were just trying to get their footing into the podcast world, which wouldn’t have been a great partnership. With a lot of other outlets, it felt like we were going to push them to the next level, not the other way around.

Mal: With Stitcher, the people there — Jazmine [Henley-Brown, More Sauce’s executive producer] in particular, she was really passionate about the show — and the things they had in mind, it just made sense with everything we’re about. There were other offers with more money on the table, but they didn’t align with what we were trying to do. We just didn’t feel the same connection with those other people.

Read full interview on Vulture’s website.

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