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Straight off the heels of his verzuz battle against Ja Rule, rapper Fat Joe is apologizing for making some disrespectful comments towards singer Lil Mo and rapper Vita; as he referred to both artists as dusty bitches.

Lil Mo took to Instagram calling out the disrespectful comments which sparked Fat Joe to issue an apology.

Via Complex

UPDATED 9/16, 9:22 a.m. ET: Speaking with TMZ, Lil Mo has added that Fat Joe’s comments were “vile” and potentially triggering for those who have struggled with substance abuse issues.

“We’ve seen the recent deaths from people overdosing and stuff. … We’re not gonna play those type of games,” she told TMZ in an interview shared Wednesday night.

Later, Mo expressed further disappointment with Joe while noting the personal importance of the Verzuz battle. “It was so vile and really disappointing and disheartening because I was there to support both,” she said.

Joe offered further apologies on Instagram to “Lil Mo, and Vita, and any woman who feel disrespected by what I said” and said he went “too far.”

“The whole point of Verzuz was to bring you out so you could get that shine, so you could get that light, ’cause you deserve it. You’re our queens,” Joe said. Watch that below:

At some point along the way, fellow Verzuz guest Remy Ma jumped in Lil Mo’s comments to try to pump the brakes.

“Stop it Mo, you know damn well Joe ain’t on it like that,” Remy opened her remark. “First of all, you V, Shanti—or nobody had come out yet—when him and Ja was going back & forth; we didn’t know who was in the back. Second…I was in the car when you walked thru the parking lot and he hugged you, & showed mad love as usual…no need for your followers to tell him anything, as someone that personally knows you I’m sorry you were offended—you can call my phone; matter fact I’m gonna dm you my number in case you don’t have it anymore—but also as someone that personally knows Joe he was not intentionally trying to hurt anyone—it was a battle between friends that are like family, sidebar: #streetcode don’t do social media.”

See original story below.

Fat Joe has apologized for comments he made about Lil Moand Vita during his Verzuz against Ja Rule, who brought the rappers out to perform “Put It on Me.”

During the show, Ja Rule said to his opponent that it was “fucking pathetic” he had to bring Remy Ma out “to save you,” which prompted Joe to insult his choice of guests. “You got all those other dusty bitches out there,” said Fat Joe. “You gotta go to the crackhouse to find them bitches.”

It didn’t take long for viewers to criticize Joe on social media.

On Wednesday, Joey Crack issued a very brief apology.

“Shout to the ladies very sorry if I disrespected,” he tweeted. “I love Vida and Lil Moe I’m super sorry love my sisters.”

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