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Raphael Saadiq, former lead singer of the 90s group Tony! Toni! Toné! is responding to criticism of a photo of him sitting next to rocker Marilyn Manson at Kanye West listening party which hit the web. Raphael Saadiq was allegedly in attendance at the Kanye West Donda listening party in Chicago, where Marilyn Manson performed.

The picture has now gone viral and many fans have replied with heavy criticism; due to Marilyn Manson recent history of alleged abuse against his former girlfriend. Along with his alleged association with satanism.

Raphael Saadiq took to his Instagram account to defend himself regarding being allegedly friends with Marilyn Manson and the controversy surrounding the picture. Along with his views on Marilyn Manson being accused of abuse, calling out “Who’s really the Devil”.

He said: “I’m taking this post down today, I wasn’t aware of his allegations,so please forgive the post, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone who’s been abused,but I want to say this, most of the people whom I’ve never seen on this page, I’m a very positive brother who only post love and positive music, but you MF don’t ring my bell for positive post, I guess that’s why negative shit is so popular, y’all sit around and wait for shit like this, my post and views are very low numbers, and I like it like that, but as soon as it something y’all don’t like, Millions of new people hit the page, y’all should try ring my bell for all the positive things, click on a good song or a beautiful positive waterfall or mountains, but y’all go straight crickets for Gods creative nature, who’s really the DEVIL!!! It might be you #Donda forgive all typos”

Do you guys feel Raphael Saadiq is being wrongfully attacked ? Comment below!

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