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A stunning video has emerged on the web this week showing the moment a group of friends was shot in a drive-by shooting while filming TikTok’s viral Milk Crate Challenge.

via: Revolt

The video of the incident surfaced on Twitter over the weekend as a group gathered outside of the Linwood Public Charter School to try their hand at the #CrateChallenge — the latest viral trend that challenges people to successfully walk up and down a pyramid of milk crates without tumbling.

As one of the guys filmed their attempt, shots ring out, prompting the man on the crates to turn back and run away, and the rest of the group to scatter around. The man behind the camera is then hard yelling, “Get me my gun, get me my gun!” and “Fuck” as he also runs for safety.

Per reports, two people were struck, and only one survived. Police later responded to calls of a third person — identified as 19-year-old Paris King — whose body was discovered in the back seat of a car. The teen was said to be “a victim of the drive-by shooting.”

According to Newsweek, the driver of the vehicle told cops that he was running for cover but was forced to stop when he realized that the teen in his car had passed away. He and another passenger were not injured in the incident, which police believe is related to the earlier shooting.

As of this story, Linwood Avenue and St. Vincent and East 70th at Gilbert — the location of the #CrateChallenge shooting — has been closed as officers conduct an investigation into the deadly occurrence.

Look below to a see the video of the deadly Crate Challenge in Louisiana.

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