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A woman testified against R. Kelly on Monday August 23rd; claiming allegedly the singer forced her to smear feces on her face and urinate in cup while being held captive by singer.

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Jane Doe 5 gave an emotional testimony about the abuse she endured during her five-year relationship with Kelly.

An R. Kelly accuser gave an emotional testimony during the federal racketeering trial of the disgraced singer. 

On Monday (Aug. 23), Jane Doe 5 took the stand and testified about the abuse she endured during her five-year relationship with the “Ignition” singer. She said she met Kelly during one of his concerts when she was only 17 years old. The woman, who was an aspiring singer, wanted Kelly to help her with her career. Instead, she said he pressured her into having sex with him before he would review her music. 

“I just wanted to sing,” she said. “I genuinely wanted his input.”

After their encounter, Kelly’s assistant arranged for her to travel to several states where she said she had sex with the Chicago native almost every day for months. She then testified that she could barely walk after feeling excruciating pain in her pelvis and abdomen area. Jane Doe 5 was eventually diagnosed with vaginal herpes, which she believed she contracted from the 12 Playsinger. She said that he never told her that he had the sexually transmitted disease and she felt “devastated” because Kelly “purposely gave me something he knew he had, that he could’ve controlled.”

She then detailed several rules that she and other women had to follow and the punishments they would face if they disobeyed Kelly.

The woman said they had to wear loose-fitting clothing and call Kelly “Daddy.” She also said that she had to ask for permission to use the restroom if she was in his studio and would sometimes have to urinate in a cup. If she broke one of his rules, he would hit her with a sneaker or force her to stay in a room for days at a time. She said she was also forced to record videos of herself smearing feces on her face and in her mouth. After recording the video, Jane Doe 5 said Kelly told her she “wasn’t into it enough” and that she “would have to redo it.” The woman said she refused.

Jane Doe 5 is the second accuser to take the stand against Kelly. He is facing several charges, including sexual exploitation of children, racketeering based on kidnapping and forced labor. The 54-year-old singer also has pending criminal cases in Minnesota and Illinois. Kelly is facing 10 years to life in prison if convicted in the New York case.

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