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It was the hit felt around world as a man swung back after being attacked by a couple during a Steelers vs. Lions game. The brawl occurred due to a woman slapping the man in the face during a verbal exchange while her boyfriend backed her allegedly. The man who was hit than pushed her back in self-defense it appears. This led to him fighting the woman’s boyfriend, along with pushing her to stop them from further attacking him.

The now-viral video shows the man and woman in a argumentative dispute, and you hear the woman yell something like, “shut up and get the f*** out!” The woman apparently made contact when yelling, because the man tells her “don’t touch me” and swipes her hand away. Then she hit the man in the face; he then precedes to push back and swings at her in self defense.

From there other bystanders jumped into the brawl appearing to defend the woman and her boyfriend. It was clear the woman appeared to be the aggressor in this incident by hitting the man in the face first.

Check out the full video below. Tell me do you think; was he right for hitting her back, yes or no? Comment your thoughts on this post below.

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