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Rapper Polo G has come out claiming his debit card was stolen and the thief charged a fans only subscription on his card.


Not even world-famous rap stars are immune to identity theft, as Polo G just learned. The Chicago rapper may have recently had to dispute some suspect charges, according to a screenshot he posted to his Instagram Story. Polo received a text message from “BofA Security” showing a $26 charge to OnlyFans. Adding a caption to the screenshot, Polo wondered “Who TF got my debit card?”

Truthfully, though, probably no one. The “” link in the message text suggests he’s probably receiving some misleading advertising for a service that apparently alerts subscribers to suspicious activity — something most banks already do. It also appears to be a business-to-business service, so it could also mean that CCBill is processing transactions for whichever bank Polo uses. Either way, it doesn’t look like anyone actually made off with his money, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a reason for caution on his part.

Generally speaking, you shouldn’t ever click a link from a text message. If the message purports to be from a service you already know you use, open the official app from your phone or go to the website from your browser to double-check. Lots of scam emails and texts feature alarming information, such as your account information is used or delivery is on the way, to get you to click links or call numbers in a panic, giving away login or other personal information in an effort to resolve a non-existent problem.

Of course, considering he recently bought a house for his mom bigger than his, Polo G likely has enough in his account that surprise charges are the least of his worries.

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