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It’s been little over a week since 19 year old Buffalo State Student Saniyya Dennis has gone missing. There’s little information regarding her potential whereabouts and investigators are taking all stops to find the young teen. Saniyya Dennis was last seen on the college campus of Buffalo State according to reports.

She was last seen April 24th and the last video footage of her shows her in a elevator wearing a black hoodie, face mask, and hat; while there seems to be a white male with blonde hair standing in front of her.

This young lady is one of many young females that have gone missing in the Buffalo area in the past year; with many speculating there’s a more sinister issue of sex trafficking going on in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area. There’s been little coverage on many people that have disappeared particularly black women and children until this women was reported missing by several celebrities.

Here’s an excerpt from Buffalo News WIVB regarding Saniyya Dennis disappearance and potential whereabouts.


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Buffalo State student is still missing, a week after she was last seen on campus.

Saturday, the search for her continued, with family and friends again canvassing Niagara Falls State Park and the surrounding area. 

Cameras last captured 19-year-old Saniyya Dennis leaving her dorm room, last Saturday night
Her family believes she may have taken an NFTA bus to Niagara Falls. Saniyya’s phone was last pinged early Sunday morning near Goat Island.

Her father has been actively posting about the search for his daughter on social media.

“I appreciate everybody on social media that’s been reaching out, trying to help. Like I said, if you got any tips, it can be unanimous, Please don’t play with me, please be real, be respectful,” her father said on Instagram. 

Saniyya Dennis’ family is offering a $10,000 reward for information that helps find her.

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