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Trey Songz will not be charged following an incident with police officers at an NFL game; as prosecutors of Jackson County, Missouri had a change of heart.

via: Complex

The initial footage found Songz choking out an officer in the arena during an altercation. 

According to the report that followed, which included comments from witnesses, some at the game heckled Songz from a few rows back. After that, the artist was reportedly “approached” by an officer said to have “went after him” with no warning. TMZ reported that the heckling started after Songz allegedly refused to put on his mask inside the arena, against the stadium’s protocols.

The footage of Songz holding the officer in a chokehold went viral, prompting many to dig deeper into the story. Aside from this, Songz released his eighth album Back Home in October.

“As an artist, I have the opportunity to be the soundtrack of our times, not just my life,” Songz said of the project. “Back Home to me is filled with opinions, positions, realities, and a deep introspective look into where I’m at in my life. As an artist and new father, I want my music to be a true reflection of my evolution and my commitment to my fans to never forget where I came from.”

That was a close one.

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