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Diddy reportedly has offered to pay for former Bad Boys Records artist Black Rob’s funeral, but according to Rob’s manager that’s just not enough.

via People:

During an appearance on the Murder Master Music Show, Dawson gave his opinion on Diddy’s reported contribution.

“Through somebody else that was affiliated with Rob, Diddy reached out and was gonna do something for Rob, this is when the video first went up when he was in the hospital,” he said around the interview’s four-minute mark. “People dragging their feet and nothing got done. So now you gonna pay for his funeral, he dead and gone now! Everybody wanna do something for you when you are dead and gone!”

Dawson went on to state that he was the man who filmed the initial video of Rob in the hospital that caught Diddy’s attention. He then went on to blast others who were in the position to help but ignored their pleas.

“I did that I was there with him. A lot of people that could’ve helped didn’t help. That’s why I put the video up to show’em that everybody wanna keep shit hush-hush, but he is not getting no help,” he said. “You can’t tell people what to do with their money, but a lot of people that were in position to help but they didn’t and it was too late because he passed away Saturday, a week after DMX.”

He also took to Instagram where he claimed that the lies surrounding Black Rob’s hospitalization weren’t true.

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