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Jay-Z has just announced a big business move through his curated music playlist on Tidal as the picture cover shows him sitting beside the CEO of Square Inc. Jack Dorsey.

That announcement being Square, Inc. now owns stake in Tidal. As announced Thursday, March 4 the company will take a majority ownership stake in Tidal for $297 million. They are expecting to pay in cash and stocks. The good news in all this is all artists who are currently shareholders will remain shareholders. TIDAL will still run independently in Square with Seller and Cash App.

Jack Dorsey the co-founder and CEO of Square Inc. went to Twitter announcing the deal:

This announcement comes days after Jay Z big business deal with his champagne brand Ace of Spades partnering with luxury brand powerhouse LVMH in which Jay Z allegedly took $600 million dollars from the completion of that deal.

Jay-Z curated playlist includes songs by Beyoncé, Kanye West, Solange, Meek Mill , Rihanna, David Bowie, Drake, and N.E.R.D to name a few.

We wonder if Jay Z will shake his music playlist list up and feature some lesser known music artists eventually; that would be interesting.

Checkout Jay Z full Tidal curated playlist below!

March 4 – A playlist curated by JAY-Z.

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