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Only one day after releasing her new hit single Up Cardi B. is be accused of stealing the song from a group of unknown New Jersey based rappers. Cardi B went to IG live addressing the claims.

Via Page Six

“They stealing,” Mir Pesos said in an Instagram post comparing the two songs. “We want my money,” he tweeted.

In response to the tweets about the similarities, Cardi, 28, posted an Instagram story of an old video of her singing the song and wrote: “From August 7th … I been working on this. Sorry lil boy never hurd [sic] of you.” 

The song “Stuck” was released in September, but Mir Fontane claimed they’d previewed the track via YouTube on Aug. 6.

Reps for Cardi B did not comment. But Cardi B gave a curse-laden response on Instagram Live on Friday night, saying “I am the type of person, I don’t like going to court… If I jack something from somebody,” she’d pay them. But she later stated, “If you’re feeling a certain type of way, we can take it to court. I don’t give a f–k… Get the f–k out of here.”

She also pointed out that she’s not a producer — so if someone has issues with a beat, they can, “take it up with them.” When it comes to the “drama,” she said, it “doesn’t even bother me.”

Cardi B released her new song this week to great fanfare. But — when Page Six reached out to Cardi’s reps on Jan. 21 with a tip that the star would release an upbeat club song at the end of the month or early Feb, they insisted that a new single had not been chosen and that there was no new music planned.

Watch Cardi B video below ! Do you think her song sound similar?

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