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Tory Lanez can’t seem to avoid being questioned regarding his alleged involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion last summer. As Tory was confronted by a group of people on Clubhouse in regards to the alleged incident .

via: AceShowbiz

Tory Lanez is among celebrities who enjoy talking to other people on Clubhouse. However, his latest experience on the chatroom wasn’t entirely good as one of the chat members decided to confront the Canadian rapper about the Megan Thee Stallion shooting allegations leveled at him.

In a video that circulated online, someone on the panel asked Tory, “Uhhh, why you shoot Meg?” The atmosphere quickly became uncomfortable as others were silent for a moment before some of the panelists attacked the unnamed person.null

The person was allegedly booted from the panel following the confrontation. The “Quarantine Radio” host himself also exited the chatroom later.

Once the news was on Twitter, some users immediately weighed in on the matter. “Yo why somebody on clubhouse asked Tory ‘why you shoot Megan’ and everybody in there got mad I thought it was a valid question,” one fan tweeted, adding, “The sicker part was that it was more females that was mad.”

“Somebody asked Tory lanes why he shot megan on club house and the whole room went at his neck did he shoot her or not man,” another user echoed. Applauding the one who confronted Tory, one person said, “Whoever that man on clubhouse was that asked Tory why he shot meg got me weak lmaoooo.”

Prior to this, Tory’s team filed a complaint to the court about the situation, asking the court to let him talk about the assault case. He reportedly sought modification to the terms of his protective order case, which was issued November 18, 2020, that forbid him from talking about the case or having any contact with Megan.

His lawyer stated, “In contrast to Mr. Peterson’s silence, Megan authored and posted six tweets to her 5.6 million Twitter followers in quick succession.” The lawyer added, “This evidence — including gunshot residue implicating others — is mitigating, if not exculpatory, and casts serious doubt on the claims made by Megan.”

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