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As Kanye West and Kim Kardashian divorce rumors continue to swirl; it looks as if Kanye has taken the first step of exiting the relationship. Reportedly Kanye allegedly has packed and moved 500 pairs of sneaker from his home with Kim Kardashian.

Via complex:

Kanye West has been uncharacteristically quiet in the weeks since news of his divorce from Kim Kardashian broke in early January. There was talk last month that Kardashian and West had started attending marriage counseling, but reports surfaced that they had given up on the sessions almost just as quickly. Now, with the rumored divorce still pending, we’re hearing that West is packing his belongings, namely a ton of sneakers. 

According to Page Six, the same outlet that first broke news of the divorce, West has been busy moving items from the home while Kardashian is in the Turks and Caicos with family. The tabloid’s sources tell them West departed from the Calabasas residence with 500 pairs of sneakers in tow—there’s no word if they were all Yeezys, but one can assume.

“They both felt it would be less dramatic without both of them in the house,” the source tells Page Six.

On Jan. 5, Page Six reported that Kardashain and West’s divorce was “imminent.” That news was followed by updates that the two were attending marriage counseling, but later that month they were said to have given up on trying to make it work and West was reportedly scheduling meetings with divorce lawyers.

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