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According to sources there is a sex tape circling the web with Trey Songz and a unknown women allegedly.

Via LoveBScott:

Which one of y’all *Trey Songz voice*…leaked Trey Songz’s sex tape?

The internet went into a frenzy late Tuesday night when a sex tape believed to be that of R&B singer Trey Songz getting sloppy toppy surfaced.

While the man’s face doesn’t appear in the video, one quick tattoo match-up seems to confirm that is indeed Trey’s meat in the video. The voice sounds like Trey too.

We won’t be posting the video on, but it’s always just one click away.

Like the rest of us, Trey woke up to his d*ck being all over the internet and took to Instagram to react.

Seems like this whole thing was staged as a publicity stunt. Whose knows …

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Source: LoveBScott

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