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It looks like one of Future’s baby mothers is fed up with the rapper and has taken to social media to call him out.


Future’s ex, Brittni Mealy, took to Instagram to claim that he said “f*** him” to their 8-year-old son at his birthday party over the weekend. 

She wrote, “I don’t even do this but @Future you a real p*ssy you knew to hide and run when I came cause you don’t want this smoke b*tch boy you ran from my kids p*ssy ass how!! Run like yo scary ass always do b*tch!” 

Brittni then added, “Who tf tell a 8 year old f**k him and he will shoot up his mom n***a a real b*tch. Don’t come back begging like yo ass always do simp cause you dead to me after tonight.” She deleted the posts, but you can view screenshots below!

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