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For many of you that have been following the antics on WE Tv ‘Marriage Bootcamp’ and seen Vado choke out girlfriend Tahiry things has now taken a turn as Vado has now been kicked out the house for attacking Tahiry.

Via Too Fab: “She can hit you with two hands on the face, you still can’t put hands back on her,” Dr. Ish told Vado.

The latest episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” dealt with the fallout of rapper Vado attacking his girlfriend Tahiry Jose.

Last week, Vado jumped up out of his seat and began choking Tahiry after she claimed he was “enticing” her to become the person she “didn’t want to be anymore.”

The host, Dr. Ish, separated the two and Vado was sent to another room where a security guard watched over him. During Thursday’s edition of the WE reality show, Dr. Ish consulted with producers and they decided Vado would be booted from the house.

“I can’t have you in the house,” Dr. Ish told Vado. “I can’t have people doing emotional work in an environment where they don’t feel safe.”

“I’m not kicking you out of the program, but I gotta get you out of this house.”

Before Vado was sent to a hotel, Dr. Ish asked him to explain why he felt the need to resort to violence against Tahiry. Vado responded by saying Tahiry had thrown apples at his face earlier in the day.

“She can hit you with two hands on the face, you still can’t put hands back on her,” Dr. Ish explained.

“You gotta use some words,” he continued. “You can’t use hands. You know you can’t do that. I can’t have you around her.”

Back in the main room where the attack happened, Tahiry sat motionless as she said she still hadn’t “registered” what had happened to her.

But in a confessional, she exclaimed, “Vado lost it. He put his hands on me. That’s not like him.”

Dr. Ish then came back to Tahiry and told her, “There’s nothing you did to trigger that. There’s nothing you did to deserve that.”

Tahiry went on to say she has been physically abused in the past.

“It’s happened a few times,” she confessed. “One is enough to f–k up your whole life.”

Afterwards, Dr. Ish lectured the rest of the house guests about the no-tolerance policy for violence.

Later, he had a meeting with the show’s weekly advisor, Judge Lynn Toler of “Divorce Court,’ about Vado’s behavior.

“This is a particular issue that is close to my heart,” Toler said. “I’ve been a judge for close to a decade and I would see people come into my courtroom time after time for fights, in shootings, for disrespect. Violence in any relationship is never okay and completely inexcusable.”

“Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition” returns to WE next Thursday.

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