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The drama continues regarding Megan Thee Stallion shooting involving Tory Lanez . Tory Lanez was arrested for gun possession. Although Megan said on instagram today she didn’t know who shot her; Meg close friend and producer has insinuated it was indeed Tory Lanez that allegedly shot her and now has made a direct threat towards Tory Lanez via a twitter post.

Via lovebscott:

Did Tory Lanez shoot Megan Thee Stallion?

Is Tory Lanez the reason Megan Thee Stallion got shot?

These are the questions being asked across social media now that Megan revealed she suffered a gunshot wound the night she was stopped by police in Tory’s car.

One of Megan’s producers, Max Julian, took to social media to issue a sly threat to Tory not long after her post went live.

In addition, Megan’s BFF Kelsey spoke out confirming she was the other woman with Megan and Tory that night — but she says she didn’t have the gun and didn’t fire any shots.

Neither Megan nor Kelsey spoke out in Tory’s defense nor said his name…so we have to look at Tory sideways at this point.

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