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News broke earlier this week that rapper Tory Lanez was arrested for gun possession in his car outside an house party . Megan Thee Stallion was in the car at the time and now the video footage has been released of Tory Lanez being arrested while Megan Thee Stallion is detained.

via TMZ:

TMZ got video of Tory’s arrest from early Sunday morning, and it’s pretty clear … law enforcement was treating the situation very seriously and as if there might’ve been an active threat. Remember, they were responding to a call about 5 shots fired with the description of the SUV that was Tory’s ride.

What’s interesting here from the footage is that they detained everyone in the vehicle at first, including Meg — whom they put in handcuffs, along with Tory and another woman.

You see a woman who looks like MTS being told to exit the vehicle from an officer using a bullhorn off-camera — while a helicopter is hovering above the whole time — and you even hear her say, “My hands are up” as they direct her to walk back and get on the ground.

Later, you see the same woman — again, who appears to be Megan wearing swimwear, seated on a ledge while talking to a man nearby, who seems to be Tory. Remember, they’d all been hopping between pool parties on Saturday evening.

The woman asks, “Are you okay?” while the guy is being handled by cops. We broke the story … Tory was the only one arrested that morning on a gun charge. Megan was ultimately taken to the hospital for a cut on her foot.

Check out full video Here:

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