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Kylie Jenner is going the extra mile on social media to denounce rumors she refused to tag and give credit to Black Owned Business!

Via TheJasmineBrand:

“Beauty mogul Kylie Jenner faced some backlash on social media yesterday (July 6) when she posted a multiple photos of herself on vacation, without tagging the brand of the dress she was wearing.

The company, Loud Brand Studios, is black owned. The controversy began a discussion on social media about influencers like Kylie Jenner wearing clothing from black owned brands, but not acknowledging them by tagging them. The criticism initially started with this tweet from one social media user.”

See the dress causing controversy below!

Kylie then took to twitter to deny these claims check out her tweet below!

The brand also came out and thanked everyone as all the clothes on their website is completely sold out. Kylie even responded to the company.

One user responded to Kylie saying,

“if you wear or use any other black owned businesses please post them”

In which the reality star responded,

“i completely agree!!!!”

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