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Jada Pinkett Smith says August Alsina lied about the two having an affair during his interview with Angela Yee. He also says Will Smith approved the affair which Jada fully denies.

via TMZ:

August recently sat down with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee … claiming he had been in a relationship with Jada after being introduced to her by her son, Jaden, in 2015, and, according to him, it lasted quite some time.

AA was emotional as he explained how Jada is the only person he’s ever loved, and how he devoted himself to her and poured himself into their relationship for many years. However, Jada’s rep was quick to denounce his claim … saying it was “absolutely not true!!!”

August also insists Will gave their relationship his blessing. Will and Jada have been very public over the years about their open relationship, but her team says the whole thing is made up.

The singer claims walking away from his relationship with Jada when she “butchered” him and basically “killed” him … so it sounds for his part like he was pretty deeply in love with her.

August hinted at a sexual relationship with Jada last year, when he made some thinly-veiled references to her in his song, “Nunya.”

Now, August has spoken his piece about his alleged romantic past with Jada … but reps for Jada could not have been more clear about their stance.

Who do you believe? Check out August Alsina full video confession below!

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